I would like to take this opportunity to welcome and thank you for coming to our new website!! This area is for everyone to share what is important to you in the realm of Dentistry as it pertains to the working or lack there of of your Dental Equipment. We will share many interesting stories about the often comical exploits in the life of the Dental Service Technician. We hope to keep this light and somewhat humorous and with helpful information.

We welcome your input and that of your staff to make this a true community project and a place to relax and just have fun! No seriousness please. Do not worry about spelling or punctuation. No grading is taking place! Will give a Blog of the month gift certificate to the funniest and most original story. Have fun, kick back, and smile. We will keep your name anonymous and or first name only unless you request you whole name be used. We will save the really serious material for our Newsletter. Please sign up if you would like to receive our monthly Newsletter.

Have Fun!!



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