In the dental profession, many hours in the operatory are spent seated near your patients. Spending those hours in the wrong seat can cause poor posture, ultimately leading to muscular strain, which all too often escalates into serious injuries like musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Besides for causing chronic pain, these injuries can lead missed work days and even early retirement for doctors, assistants and hygienists.

Keeping yourself and your staff healthy and free of these injuries is what keeps your practice going. When choosing a dental stool, understanding its ergonomic features that keep you and your staff in the correct working posture is critical. Other important factors are fit to different heights and body types, and easy adjustment. Ergonomics, fit and functionality all contribute to comfort and good health.

Years of clinical research have made Brewer the industry-leading manufacturer of ergonomic dental seating. We take great pride in knowing that our seating solutions alleviate unnecessary pain and discomfort for dentists, hygienists, and assistants. Our commitment to quality ensures that you will always have the most ergonomically sound and advanced seating options available in the dental market.

Choosing the right stool increases your comfort and keeps you healthy, enhancing your efficiency and productivity. Explore our full line of ergonomic dental seating solutions below to find the one that’s right for your practice.


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