Dental, Medical, Veterinary, Boutique (Salon) and Tattoo Sterilizer/Autoclave

Dental Autoclave, Medical Autoclave, Boutique (Salon) Autoclave, Tattoo Autoclave

Dental sterilizers are important to a dental practice. Also referred to as dental autoclaves, dental sterilizers use steam—at temperatures reaching 270° F—to completely sterilize instruments and equipment. This steam sterilization of various surgical tools and dental instruments is efficient and safe. Designed for safety as well as infection control, dental sterilizers lock while in use and unlock when instruments are sterile and dry. Depending on what is being sterilized, an autoclave cycle can range from 6 to 30 minutes. While steam is a common method for dental instrument sterilization, some dental sterilizers use dry heat and eliminate moisture from the process. Dental autoclaves and sterilizers may be among the most used equipment in a dental practice.



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