Bien Air Dental iChiropro Implantology System

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The Chiropro is a powerful implantology system, capable of driving two motors.

The Chiropro is particularly reliable and resistant: it has a robust design. This means it meets the most stringent international safety standards. With a large backlit display, available in seven languages, and intuitive programming, the Chiropro is extremely easy to use in practice. Eight programs are available and can be modified, even during use. You also have a selection of 31 handpiece ratios. The peristaltic pump delivery is adjustable from 15 to 130 ml/min.Bien Air Dental

Thanks to the outstanding ergonomic design of the new Bien-Air 20:1 L implantology contra-angle, the word «comfort» takes on a whole new meaning. This contra-angle has an irrigation system which is internal to the instrument – a world first. So your grip is not impeded by the irrigation line. The jet of physiological liquid is projected onto the drill shaft itself, providing perfect cooling, particularly when using implant guides for insertions.

The CA 20:1 has a miniature head and is the lightest on the market. In addition, its shafts and gears are machined in stainless steel with high resistance to saline solutions. The PM 1:2 straight handpiece is ideal for wisdom tooth extraction. It has been designed to withstand the considerable stresses resulting from repeated lateral pressure, while maintaining exceptional precision. A tooth can be cut rapidly and the temperature generated on contact remains low. Speed, comfort and precision are assured.

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