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Crown Seating Aurora Assistant's Stool C140A

Crown Seating

  • Call for Pricing : 1-855–877–0692

Standard Features

  • Stool: Triple Lever, Independent Adjustment
  • Seat: Advanced Molded Contour
  • Arm: Ratcheting
  • Cylinder: Tall - Metal Base
  • Foot Ring: Adjustable
  • Base: Metal Base
  • Casters: 65mm, Two Tone Grey, Hard Floor
  • Cushioning: Closed Cell Injection Molded Foam
  • Upholstery: Standard Vinyl


  • Distinct anatomically designed seat conforms to the natural shape of the body.
  • Technologically advanced injection molded foam provides excellent support and comfort.
  • Multi-angle pelvic positioning helps reduce lower back strain.
  • Full ABS covers for ease of cleaning.
  • Seat shape provides exceptional support and functionality.
  • Small seat size allows the closest positioning to the patient.
  • Ratchet arm adjusts vertically and horizontally to allow user to operate comfortably.
  • Five-leg powder coated aluminum base provides improved stability.

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