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SteriVac Brushless Motor Central Vacuum Systems w/Canister, and Spare Motor

CPAC Environmental Solutions

  • 3,25000
  • Save $ 1,06000

Steri-Vac is designed for affordability, reliability, and easy installation. Its waterless operation is highly economical.

Steri-Vac's acoustical housing means quiet operation. This model includes a collection canister to separate solids, permitting recovery of lost crowns and inlays.

Uses No Water
This environmentally friendly system helps to conserve a precious resource. Injection pump system may waste as many as 600 gallons per day.

Simple, Straightforward Installation
Since running water is not used in this system, installation is simple - no water pump to install. Systems are available for 115V or 220 or 230V to simplify electrical requirements.

High-Volume Evacuation
This system effectively serves multiple operatories. Update your present system or use Steri-Vac as a replacement power source for your current central power unit.

No Down Time
A motor can be changed without tools in minutes – no need to call a service technician. Units are supplied with a spare motor.

  • Brushless motor lasts up to five times longer
  • Ideal for up to five(5) operatories
  • Cost of ownership minimal
  • Practically maintenance free
  • Superior suction
  • Easily connects to existing plumbing


  1. CPA-40614-230 VOLT-$3195
  2. CPA-400500 Canister-$495
  3. CPA-101492 Replacement Amalgam Seperator Canister-$102

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