Progeny ClearVision® Digital Sensor System - Midmark

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ClearVision® is the digital sensor system from Progeny®. With direct USB 2.0 connection, ClearVision® simplifies practice integration and delivers high quality images in a durable patient friendly design.

ClearVision® has a thin profile with rounded corners and contoured surfaces, minimizing patient discomfort commonly experienced with square or clipped edge sensors. Because we know one size doesn't fit all, ClearVision® sensors are available in two sizes to best accomodate patient needs and examination requirements. And to enhance positioning, the Kevlar® reinforced cable is thin and flexible.

Designed to stand the test of time, the sensor housing and cable provide a highly reliable, water tight connection, allowing for repeated immersion in disinfectants, improving asepsis. Kevlar® strands reinforce the cabling to deliver a thin, flexible cable that is very durable, while internal strain relief ensures the integrity of the cable attachement to the sensor casing.

If your ClearVision® sensor case or cable should become damaged, Progeny® offers Cable Repair service. Contact Progeny® Customer Service for pricing and additional information.

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