SciCan StatMat Protective Silicone Mat for Statim 5000

by SciCan
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$ 101.00
$ 80.00

Keep your Statim looking new with the StatMat silicone mat

The new Statim silicone mat, the StatMat, provides a much safer and hygienic working area by securely seating the cassette on top of the Statim.
The mat also protects paintwork from accidental scuffs and scrapes, keeping your Statim looking new for longer.

This silicone mat is thick, durable, high-heat resistant and can be cleaned with any surface cleaner/disinfectant.

Hot cassettes can be placed directly onto this mat, right out of the sterilizer, without any damage to the Statim's cover finish.

Have an older Statim?  This mat makes the top cover look like new!

Fits either the "Classic" Statim 5000 models (white cover/push-button), as well as the new Statim 5000 G4 model (silver cover/touchscreen).

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