SciCan Ensure Monitoring System

by SciCan
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The Incubator
The unique incubator allows you to monitor up to 5 sterilizers at one time, providing you with easy to read results that show whether sterility has been achieved... or not.  The ENSURE system can satisfy even the most stringent international regulatory requirements.

No need to wonder, when it’s this easy to know. The ENSURE Incubator, a 10-well incubator, is a very unique unit unlike any in the market today. With an integrated vial crusher and built in timer for up to five different programs, the SciCan ENSURE BI system leaves no room for error in time.

Chemical Indicators (CI)
The ENSURE CI’s are a fast, economical solution for load monitoring. SciCan offers Class 4 indicators to meet the most stringent requirements in today’s changing regulatory environment.

Biological Indicators (BI)
The ENSURE BI’s are fast, reliable, self-contained indicators for results in as little as 24 hours. BI’s are the only cost effective method to ensure effective performance of your sterilizer.

The ENSURE BI’s are available in a starter kit system that consist of 25 BI’s, the unique incubator and an easy to fill-in log book. The starter kit is the most cost effective, accurate system for monitoring your steam autoclave directly in your office in only 24 hours.

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