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Image of Engle Flip Top Doctor's Cart

Engle Flip Top Doctor's Cart

Engle Dental Systems

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  1. AS-1 Control Head l E300 Control Head 3-Position Automatic Hand-Piece Holders
  2. Individual Water Coolant Controls
  3. Asepsis Hand-Piece Tubing
  4. Wet/Dry Foot Control
  5. Hand-Piece Flush/Purge System 
  6. 3-Way Air/Water Syringe
  7. Master On/Off Switch
  8. Bottled Water System 
  9. Bottled Or City Water Selector Switch 
  10. Small Junction Box With Air & Water Master Valve/Filter/Regulator Assemblies 
  11. Quick Connect Water Auxiliary
  12. 5 Ft . Long Umbilical


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