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  • Dentamerica® LITEX® 696 TURBO CORDLESS LED Curing Light

Dentamerica® LITEX® 696 TURBO CORDLESS LED Curing Light

  1. Ultra high intensity over 2000mW/cm2 cures composite in just 3 seconds/4mm.
  2. Equipped with both a high intensity curing mode and two stage dual-intensity ramping mode.
  3. Two-stage polymerization with initial lower intensity prior to higher intensity polymerization resulting in less shrinkage stress.
  4. Patented 360o rotatable light guide with front loaded LED provides easy access and maximum power.
  5. Smooth and contoured ergonomic design offers added comfort and easy cleaning.
  6. Large lithium battery capacity provides hundreds of curing cycles on a full charge.
  7. Eye protection shield included for safe operation.
  8. Built-in light intensity indicator.
  9. Low battery warning beeper.

Specifications:100-240V 50/60Hz AC
Dimensions:L180 x W36 x H40 mm


  • Charging Station
  • Handpiece
  • LED Probe
  • LED Probe Cover
  • AC Adaptor
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