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Image of Vector Lubrication Spray for QUATTROcareTM Type Machines

Vector Lubrication Spray for QUATTROcareTM Type Machines

Vector Research & Development Inc.

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Vector Premium Lubricants are priced 30-40% lower than other brands.  Imported from Germany, Vector Premium Handpiece lubricant is the most advanced, ALL-SYNTHETIC, lubricant specifically designed for the rigorous, harsh environments, of today’s busy, high-output, high-turn-over dental offices. Compare to nationally known brands that offer cheap mineral-oil based lubricant at twice the price.
Mineral-oil based lubricants break down in your sterilizer leaving a sticky-glue like substance that reduces handpiece power and performance as well as reducing bearing life. 
Synthetic lubricant does not breakdown in the heat of your sterilizer therefore there is no need to RE-LUBE after sterilization.
Vector Lubricant leaves no sticky residue, eliminating the need for a separate handpiece cleaner while keeping your handpieces performing longer and to the best of their potential.  Vector Spray for QUATTROcareTM Type Lubrication Machines - with updated and approved screw top can.

Vector Spray (with screw top can for Quattrocare).



Lubricant for Assitina

Each # VL-LM:

Spray Adapter for KaVo

Vector Spray Adapters for KaVo Multiflex™. 

For KaVo # VL-AK:

Adapter for Star

Vector Spray Adapter for Star style swivel handpieces. 

Each # VL-AT:

Adapter for NSK

Vector Spray Adapter for NSK style swivel handpieces.  

Each # VL-AN:

Adapter for 4 and 5 Hole

Vector Spray Adapter for all 4 and 5 hole handpieces.  

Each # VL-AS:

Adapter for ADEC & W&H

Vector Spray Adapters for ADEC W&H 924,904,RQ-24, RQ-04 type handpieces.

Each # VL-AW:

Adapter for E-Type

Vector Spray Adapters for E-Type Lowspeeds.

Each # VL-AE:

Universal Adapter

Universal Vector Spray Adapter.

Each # VL-AU:

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