SCALEX 890 Self-Contained Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler

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  1. Self-contained solution tank allows for convenient portability.
  2. One touch selection between medicament tank and external water source.
  3. State of the art piezoelectric self-tuning and load-adjusting technology for smooth and effortless operation.
  4. Innovative water-cooled circuitry designed for greater stability during operation.
  5. Available selection of a wide variety of high quality tips to correspond with specific clinical applications.
  6. Three tips included.

Specifications:110/220V 50/60Hz AC
Dimensions:W140 x D260 x H210 mm
Volume:1000 ml
Accessories:Universal Scaler Insert, Water Connector, Water Hose, Foot Pedal, Power Cord, Water Tank, 3 Pcs Universal A Tips.

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