SciCan Statmatic 31 Automatic Handpiece Cleaner/Lubricator

by SciCan
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               SciCan Statmatic 31 Automatic Handpiece Cleaner/Lubricator

      3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty!!

  • SciCan's STATMATIC 31 is the automatic care and maintenance system that properly cleans, lubricates, and purges up to three handpieces prior to sterilization.
  • The STATMATIC also incorporates a unique chuck cleaner to dislodge debris inside the chuck.  You and your staff will profit from greater efficiency, fewer repairs, and extended durability of your handpieces.
  • The ultimate care system for handpieces
    and their chuck mechanisms
  • Its automated process optimizes working procedures in your practice, allowing staff to focus on alternative tasks.
  • Up to three handpieces can be cleaned, lubricated, and purged in less than a minute.
  • Accommodates almost any kind of dental handpiece:  receptacles fit any 4-hole, 5-hole, 6-pin or fixed-back handpiece units or couplers.
  • Two KaVo Multiflex-style maintenance couplers and one standard E-Type lowspeed attachment maintenance coupler included with purchase.
  • Several handpiece manufacturer maintenance couplers also available
  • Operates on standard US 110 volt power outlets
  • Requires external air supply (from air compressor)
  • Air line connection tubing included with purchase

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