Progeny Vantage Panoramic X-ray System

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$ 38,800.00
$ 27,995.00
The Vantage Panoramic System delivers high-value features standard on every system.
  • Five pre-programmed exam settings, including bitewing, speed set-up for improved efficiency
  • Exclusive Focal Trough Alignment reminder assists in consistent patient positioning
  • Progeny® Imaging software provided with no additional user license fees
  • Exclusive VantageTrust℠ remote support and positioning training
  • Ceph upgradeable for expanded imaging capabilities
  • Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA

The VantageTouch® operator panel, provides simplicity from exam set-up to image capture and review. Select from the five pre-programmed exam settings, patient size, and technique selections with just a touch. A preview of the captured image is immediately displayed presenting the information required to assess the image prior to releasing the patient. VantageTouch® speeds work flow from start to finish.

The conveniently located alignment tools are easy to use, facilitating patient positioning for a quality panoramic image. Three laser beams quickly and accurately aid in precise positioning resulting in consistent image quality. The five pre-programmed exam choices speed set-ups and allow for routine diagnostic exams to be performed efficiently, improving the patient experience.

The open design keeps the operator in view and aids in patient comfort. The compact, award winning design, minimizes space requirements and complements today's dental practices needs.

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