Medit i700 Scanner System

Introducing the KaVo X 700 Intraoral Scanner: a simple, yet ™ powerful chairside solution supported by direct DTX Studio Clinic integration that empowers advanced diagnostics and treatment planning. The KaVo X 700 simplifies the intraoral scanning process with advanced technology and impressive adaptability, including super-fast scanning (up to 70FPS), advanced anti-fogging, 11µm full arch accuracy, remote control mode, a 180 degree reversible tip, and a featherweight design. By incorporating direct DTX Studio Clinic integration, the X 700 scanner system enables seamless treatment planning, partner collaboration, and patient communication. The KaVo X 700 is a cost-effective “scan-to-plan” solution for both clinics and labs, and is backed by the KaVo Imaging 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.


Medit i700 Scanner System



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