Designed to provide the maximum amount of pure suction in a dental system and meet the high-demand needs of dental specialists. Unlike typical dental vacuum systems that must continuously operate to provide instantaneous suction, the PowerMax operates only when the supply tank is lower than the chair-side vacuum demand, saving electricity and helping to promote the overall longevity of the system. This vacuum ‭comes standard with an easy-to-read vacuum gauge, vibration-isolating feet and 24V low-voltage operation for added ‭convenience. For added value, csombine the PowerMax vacuum with the recovery room package for in-room containment and management of oral cavity waste.

Designed for High-Performance

  • Vacuum power reaches up to 21″ Hg
  • Oil-less rotary-vane vacuum pump provides exceptional reliability
  • Vacuum supply tank is ASME-certified
  • Product warranty covers 2 years
  • Compliance rates at NFPA 99C level 3
  • Equipment is UL/CUL classified


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