The Preva 2.0 provides all the benefits of the Preva DC, including exceptional image quality, one-handed movement and drift-free positioning, but adds cabling in the arm and a high-speed USB connector at the elbow for a built-in digital sensor connection. Add the Midmark Intraoral Digital Sensor when your practice is ready to go digital.

Image Clarity

Capture sharp, well-defined details with a 0.4-mm focal spot for easy identification of pathology with both film and digital sensors.

Digital Readiness

Go digital when your practice is ready with a built-in high-speed USB connector.

Ease of Use

Identify target tooth, receptor type and patient size and select from pre-programmed technique settings on the easy-to-use LCD control panel with large icons.

Ergonomic, Drift-Free Positioning

Position the head one-handed, exerting no extra effort to keep it in place. The Preva system is designed for quick, easy positioning, and the proprietary dual-arm braking system helps the head stay exactly where you put it without sagging or drifting.


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