SciCan BRAVO G4 Chamber Autoclave

The BRAVO G4 Chamber Autoclave is a Class B sterilizer designed to address a dental office’s need for speed, capacity, safety, and efficiency. Its cutting-edge sterilization technology incorporates both pre-sterilization vacuum to improve steam penetration and post-sterilization vacuum to improve drying.


  • The BRAVO G4 chamber autoclaves offer efficient cycle times, sterilizing and drying instruments in as little as 42 minutes.
  • The delayed start feature allows the user to program cycles to begin at a later time; an effective feature when programming test cycles to begin before the start of the day.


  • Offering enough capacity to meet the needs of any size practice, the BRAVO G4 is available in 17L and 22L chamber sizes.
  • The BRAVO G4 offers numerous filling and draining options, including manual top and front filling, and automatic filling and draining through ports at the back.
  • The water filling accessories equipment and the BRAVO G4 footprint allows options for any Steri-Center set-up.

Connectivity & Data Logging

  • WiFi enabled G4 technology can connect and send cycle data to your smart devices and computer, providing easily accessible cycle data and maintenance information.
  • To help optimize office processes, the BRAVO G4 can be configured to email cycle information or error messages directly to office staff and/or service technicians.


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